Madhuri, September 15, 2021

Malasana- Deeper aspects

A lot of us do not realize how important this pose it. I have seen many skipping Malasana simply because they cannot do it. We should have all done this asana with ease since we are used to Indian toilet. But due to the Western toilet system that most of us are used to, we have given up this practice and most of us are in major discomfort in this pose.

Have you seen animals giving birth? Most of the animals give birth where the position of the mother is such that the baby falls down vertically to the ground. Have you wondered why is that? Is it because animals cannot lie down and give birth? Nope. They totally can. But they don’t. When the baby is vertically falling down, the gravity supports the mother. It makes child-birth easier.

But why is the difference when a human mother is giving birth? She is made to lie down on her back with her legs lifted and spread apart.The baby comes out horizontal or slightly tilted towards the ground. This is not in sync with gravity, hence making the birthing process difficult than it should be.

This asana called the Malasana, is super effective in improving the digestive system and elimination process. Externally it strengthens the ankles, knees, hamstrings and the pelvic.

If you look at sculpture and images of child birth in ancient times, most of the mothers are in the position of Malasana. This pose supports childbirth in a beautiful way! The child is coming out in sync with gravity making the process easier. Even now those who prefer water births, are in labour in the same position.

In the ancient times we did not have to practice yoga as a separate activity. That was because all our day to day activities involved movement of the body which can now be terms as asanas. In fact a lot of asanas are named after activities they are associated with!

Yoga is much beyond physical fitness. It is way more than weight loss. It is pure science being portrayed in the form of art. And a way of life! ❤️

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