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Madhuri comes from a Chartered Accountancy background. In the year 2013,after a road accident,she started practicing yoga. Her recovery led her to make yoga a part of her lifestyle. After being diagnosed with PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovaries Syndrome) and a battle with depression, she cured herself with the help of yoga and self-healing.

This prompted her to spread the knowledge of Yoga and help others heal from their ailments. She got her Yoga Instructor's Certification (YIC) from S-Vyasa University, Bangalore. She completed her RYT200 and RYT Integrated Pre-natal certifications as well.

In the year 2019, she founded 'Madhuri Yoga' and connected to people from various backgrounds and led them to the path of yoga.

With her yoga sessions being simple and easy to follow, she has been able to reach out to the young and the old alike.Currently,with over 2,500 hours of yoga teaching experience, she has helped 100s of people to find peace, health and happiness through Yoga.

She believes Yoga is for all and everyone should make it a part of their lifestyle to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.


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Arambha Yoga

Yoga is best taught at a young age. Arambha yoga is way of learning yoga with fun and awareness!

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Sarala Yoga

Your journey through the philosophy of Yoga begins here. With a combination of asanas,pranayama,dhyana and kriya, Sarala Yoga is a perfect blend of practices targeted at exploring yoga in a holistic manner

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Yoga helps immensely in managing and reversing PCOS/PCOD. Exploring PCOS reversal awareness,Body movement, Changes in Lifestyle and Diet, this course is a spiritual discipline for leading a healthy and happy lifestyle

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Corporate Yoga

A holistic methodology to improve employee morale and stress levels, corporate yoga is known to increase productivity and help in work-life balance.

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Here is what people say about us

I got to know about Madhuri ma'am through my nephew who happens to attend her class. As a believer in yogic lifestyle, I enrolled my daughter in Aarambha Yoga course, an one hour class conducted by Madhuri ma'am thrice a week for kids. I must say that my daughter had greatly benefitted and will be so in the future as well because of the classes. Madhuri ma'am has blended both technical and practical use of yoga into her classes apart from teaching the aasanas and breathing techniques. Her unique teaching skills, excellent handling of children, utmost patience yet stern teaching makes me, as a parent, wonder about where she gets all these lovable traits. She makes the classes very interesting by including quizzes, surprise tests, asanas challenge and lifestyle discussions. A perfect blend of all these makes my daughter very eager to attend, learn and practice yoga for which i am always thankful to Madhuri ma'am. I wish her many many more years of teaching and may the society and world benefit from her teaching. I strongly believe that introducing yoga and yogic lifestyle in children will benefit them not only physically but aid in their mental health as well and Madhuri ma'am's way of teaching achieves that!!

Shubha Dilip, Anagha's mother

The Covid lockdown restriction saw many children's natural routine coming to a standstill. Free play, physical movement etc got restricted. This started taking a toll on their mental and physical personalities. That is when we came across Madhuri's Yoga sessions. Right from the first class, my son felt a comfort level and he found a space where there was absolutely no judgement. I could see him slowly becoming in sync with his own body and discovering his capabilities step by step. Madhuri seems to have a way with children as one can make out with her interactions with them. The focus was always on trying to better your own self than yesterday. Never a competition with anyone else. So this gave him the boost and desire to push his own capabilities. For someone who couldn't imagine squatting down , now does a full split comfortably. As my son says, yoga with Madhuri ma'am is not an exercise. It is like an adventure to know what next your body can do. He never misses a class and will always look forward to it.

In fact, it was him who inspired me to follow his footsteps and join her classes. I could experience everything he said. Her classes are indeed a space of discovering your own body's capabilities and that one hour gives you the much needed connect with your own self. I started yoga again after almost 8-10 years break. Madhuri comes across as a very passionate guide and never has any short cuts to follow the latest fads. She will explain every concept and has immense patience to give us our space. You will come out feeling so calm, energised and at peace in that one hour. I am proud to say that she pushes you to challenge your own self and for a new comer like me , she got me to do 21 Surya namaskars non stop. And this is just the beginning. Thank you so much, Madhuri for what you do!

Avyukth Nayar and Divya Menon

Myself and my daughter, we both love the way Madhuri teaches yoga. I appreciate her dedication and to make Yoga as a part of our daily life in all the possible way we can. I like the special sessions for Trataka, PCOS/PCOD, Jal Neti etc., and also handling children in her classes. We both enjoy attending Madhuri's classes and wonder at myself many times about my flexibility I gained over a period of time. Amazing with my daughters performance too, in Ashtanga Yoga. I wish Madhuri to get more and more opportunities to bring a great impact of yoga in many people's life.

Anuradha and her daughter Tejaswini

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